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Thank you all, what a great Climate March! We are now transitioning to look at volunteering options for tech professionals. We’ll keep in touch!

Sign Your Name to Show Support for Climate, Jobs & Justice.

Technology professionals from various companies — such as Google, Facebook, Tumblr, Etsy, Github, SoundCloud, Lyft and many more — are coming together under the banner of ClimateAction.Tech to show their solidarity with this critical cause.

We are standing up to tell Washington that we will work with the movement to fight denial and protect the planet.

Add your name — this simple action amplifies the cause by demonstrating to the public that the tech sector does not stand for climate denial.

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Let our skills, tools, and influence amplify the Climate Movement.

Who We Are


We are ClimateAction.Tech, a group of engineers, designers, analysts and other technology professionals volunteering our time and technical skills to support and grow the Climate Movement.

As technology professionals, we understand the potential of innovation and technology; every day we build and work with tools that positively impact people’s lives. Our goal is to offer our skills to organizations and individuals who are making the most impact in combating climate denial and climate change.

the planet needs more likes

On April 29th, 2017, we gathered at The People’s Climate March for a unique opportunity for us in tech to stand in solidarity with the Climate Movement. Alongside scientists, faith organizations, educators, and other contingents, we told the world who we are and what we stand for: our belief that our fights are tied together, and we will only succeed together.

We marched for our families, for our air, our water, and our land. We marched for clean energy jobs and climate justice. We marched for our communities, for the people we love and for peace.

The march was a beautiful, hopeful moment. And now, together, we will chart another path for America: away from Trump’s agenda for a cruel, polluted and divided country, and towards a clean energy economy that works for everyone.

To Change Everything, We Need Everyone

The Climate March Map

Tech sector workers from across the US joined the march to show their support using this map. This was designed and created by members of the Climate Tech group. Check it out!

Do you want to pitch in and help make something like this? We welcome volunteers of all skillsets: design, development, organizers, admins — just tick the box when you sign up!

People’s Climate Movement — Tech Sector, 2017.

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Photo by NASA | Wikicommons